Russian Tortoise Hatchling


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These are captive bred Russian tortoises.

Russian Tortoises (Testudo horsfieldii) are some of smaller tortoise species commonly available to keepers. There are three sub species that private breeders and enthusiasts who work with them will recognize. Testudo horsfieldii horsfieldii; who are mainly from Afghanistan/Pakistan and southern Central Asia. They are domed shelled and almost as wide as they are long.  These are also known to have black sunray like lines in their scutes. Testudo horsfieldii rustamovi; who are mainly from southwestern Turkmenistan. They are domed shelled, but long and narrow.  Testudo horsfieldii kazachstanica; who are mainly from Kazakhstan/Karakalpakhstan.  They are flat shelled and almost as wide as they are long.

Being adorable and staying relatively small, makes them one of the most sought after tortoises for pets. They are found within the depths of countries such as Afghanistan, North Pakistan, and the Soviet Territory Kazakhstan and on rocky hillsides and deserts of southeastern Russia, Indonesia and Iran. Russian Tortoises do best at the same temperatures and humidity levels that people prefer, which make them ideal indoor tortoises.  Though they thrive being outside in almost any climate in the United States. Russian tortoises stay pretty small.  Adult males reach between 5-7 inches, and females 7-10 inches. On average though, we have found that most males are around 5” and females are around 7”. Russian tortoises can live for more than 50 years in captivity. They have amazing outgoing and friendly personalities who learn very quickly who feeds them.  When you approach their enclosure they will stop doing what they are doing and come “running” towards you. They vary in pattern design, but most have similar color scheme; their shell is a ruddy tan or black, fading to yellow between the scutes, and the body itself is straw-yellow and brown.  Some have gorgeous radiated sunray black lines that grow out from the scutes.  This gives them a very unique look.  Russian tortoises are a great species for keepers just starting out because they are hardy, stay small and have spectacular personalities.

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Remember, for every tortoise bought from Tortstork, $10 is donated to a turtle/tortoise conservation group to help save these amazing animals.

Please review our Russian Hatchling Care Guide

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