Eggs: The “Risk” is in the “Want”

Disclaimer of warranties and liability

Buyer assumes all risks in connection with the purchase of one or more tortoise/turtle eggs.  Tortstork will appropriately pack egg to protect it during shipping, but shipping is provided by third parties over whom Tortstork has no control.  For instahatch eggs the seller will prove fertility via candling and/or heart rate via the egg buddy. At the time of shipping the egg will be fertile.  Tortstork cannot guarantee that the egg will arrive intact, but if the egg does not arrive intact, depending on the situation Tortstork will decide whether a replacement of the egg or refund is offered.  Tortstork shall have no liability for any claims, causes of action, or the like a rising at law or equity in connection with the sale and/or shipment of tortoise/turtle eggs, and moreover, shall have no liability for incidental, consequential, and/or special damages; although it is the intent of the parties that seller shall bear no liability, the parties further agree that sellers liability is explicitly limited to the amount paid for the egg or eggs which are the subject of the transaction.  Buyer is required to use recommended incubator (Hovobator 1602N).  Warranty void if that incubator is not used.  If the egg does not hatch, a refund or replacement of same cost will be granted.  Original shipping cost will not be refunded and buyer must pay shipping if a replacement is agreed upon.  Proof of egg not hatching will be requested via pictures, video and in certain situations returning of said egg (shipping paid for by Tortstork and shipping label will be provided).  Every purchase from Tortstork will have a follow up review email sent.

The organization receiving the donation from a purchase shall bear no liability for any issue that would arise between the Buyer and Seller.