A Five (5) Footed Tortoise?!!!!

You read that correctly.  A baby Eastern Hermann’s hatched January 24th, 2024 with 5 feet.   It is 100% healthy and doing fantastic, its just a little faster than the other babies…We will never know exactly what causes these types of deformities, but a-lot of theories are that it occurs due to genetic mutation, exemplified by […]

CYBERTORT25 25% OFF!!!!!

Its rare that we have offers like this, but here we are.  This is the opportunity to get a reptile lover a great gift for the holidays.  You can buy now, and delay shipping.  The last day of shipping will be Wednesday 12/20/23, for delivery on Thursday 12/21/23.  If you want to delay shipping, just […]

Why You Should Soak Tortoise Hatchlings Daily

I get a lot of questions about how often a baby tortoise should be soaked, and my response is always daily.  The most common reason baby tortoises get sick is dehydration.  Soaking daily hydrates them, and in some cases, hyper-hydrates them.  The advantage of soaking daily allows you some cushion days when you’re super busy.  […]

Cherry Blossom Season And The Cherries Are Hatching

Cherry blossom trees and cherry head tortoises may seem like two completely unrelated things, but they share one interesting similarity: they both hatch at a particular time of year. In this post, we will explore the differences and similarities between these two phenomena. Cherry Blossom Trees: Cherry blossom trees are native to Japan, but they […]

Stars Are Coming To Life

Its Indian star season here at Tortstork.  Indian stars mate in the spring, lay eggs through summer, but it takes on average 100-125 days for them to fully incubate.  They first started hatching at the end of August, and they will continue to hatch through December.  If you are interested in watching these gorgeous tortoises […]

Tortstork has TikTok

Tortstork loves to stay in touch with their followers and provide them with education via social media.  If you want to learn how to set up enclosures, how shipping works, and even see some unboxing videos from customers, then head over to TikTok and give us a follow; @tort.stork, we have 83,800 followers, please join […]

556th Egg Shipped And Hatched!

Our 556th hatch a tortoise egg shipped on 3/21/22.  It traveled overnight 2,328 miles to Bozeman, Montana. On 3/28/22 (9 days later) it started to pip and 16 hours later it was fully hatched!  The baby eastern Hermann’s entered the world in its forever home.  The new owner was able to experience the beginning of […]

Making an Egyptian hatchling enclosure; Less is routine.

I get asked a lot about how i raise my baby Egyptian hatchlings.  I always respond with “less is routine.”  Egyptian hatchlings get easily stressed out, because they don’t like change.  Babies wake up, warm up, eat, sleep and start that routine all over through out the day.  My enclosures are simple because that has […]