Why You Should Soak Tortoise Hatchlings Daily

I get a lot of questions about how often a baby tortoise should be soaked, and my response is always daily.  The most common reason baby tortoises get sick is dehydration.  Soaking daily hydrates them, and in some cases, hyper-hydrates them.  The advantage of soaking daily allows you some cushion days when you’re super busy.  Do not think that you have to soak every single day of your hatchling’s life.  You can skip a day, in fact, if you were on go on vacation, you could skip 5 days, as long as you had a shallow water dish in their enclosure.  When soaked daily your hatchling is healthy, its full of energy, it will always be hungry and willing to eat the nutrient rich leafy greens you offer it.  If you’re home and you have the time, soak your baby for 5-10 mins in lukewarm shallow water, because you never know if tomorrow will be super busy and you cant get to it.