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CYBERTORT25 25% OFF!!!!!

Its rare that we have offers like this, but here we are.  This is the opportunity to get a reptile lover a great gift for the holidays.  You can buy now, and delay shipping.  The last day of shipping will be Wednesday 12/20/23, for delivery on Thursday 12/21/23.  If you want to delay shipping, just […]

Why You Should Soak Tortoise Hatchlings Daily

I get a lot of questions about how often a baby tortoise should be soaked, and my response is always daily.  The most common reason baby tortoises get sick is dehydration.  Soaking daily hydrates them, and in some cases, hyper-hydrates them.  The advantage of soaking daily allows you some cushion days when you’re super busy.  […]

Routines are key to health

A happy tortoise is a tortoise with a routine.  Tortoises like to predict their next move.  They like to wake up around the same time, eat the same time, walk their walk, and sleep.  In the wild they do this.  In captivity, its the owners responsibility to create a routine. Have your lights on a […]

Tortstork, theTurtleRoom, HelixWheelsFoundation and Donations…OH MY!!

Tortstork and theTheTurtleRoom ran a 72 hour Helix Thon.  For every book sold off, Tortstork would donate $5 to theTurtleRoom.  24 books were sold in the 72 hour “Helix Thon,” and $120 was donated to tTR.  Helix Gets His Wheels is a great book to help children become interested in tortoises.  The last few […]

Moroccan Tortoises are hatching!!!

Lots of people easily mistaken a Moroccan tortoise as a Moroccan greek tortoise.  Its pretty simple to realize why.  The scientific name is Testudo greaca marokkensis.  The funny thing is, they aren’t even from Greece, they are native to Northern Africa.  They are distinctly different than Greek tortoises.  The babies are super unique looking as […]

Helix Fan Art

Helix has touched so many hearts across the world, from Unite states, Brazil, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Panama, Mexico, Africa, Russian, Japan, Canada, Australia, Ireland and Scotland.  Im sure there are some places I’ve missed. Helix’s Story is inspiring to children and adults.  I opened up the opportunity for people to draw Helix in their own […]