The Dream

As a child I always wanted to watch a turtle/tortoise hatch.  I didn’t have the funds to buy a breeding colony of tortoises, I was a kid, I didn’t have any money. I reached out to multiple breeders asking them if I could buy an egg.  Every one turned me down.  They all said the same thing “you can’t ship turtle/tortoise eggs, its impossible.” I promised myself that one day, when I was in a position to breed turtles and tortoises that I would figure out a way to make the impossible, possible.  I have figured out a way to ship turtle and tortoise eggs.  I made my dream come true, to hopefully make your dream come true.



Turtles and tortoises are a passion of mine.  Incubating their eggs and watching them hatch is more of an obsession. It took two years of research and data collection to figure out the safest, most efficient way to ship a tortoise egg.  We are always striving towards safety.  If something doesn’t work, we make sure we make it better.  Our Passion here at Tortstork are turtles and tortoises and we make sure that they are cared for and treated above industry standards.


Tortstork was officially started in 2016.  Combined, we have over 30 years of turtle and tortoise experience.  We have been caring for and breeding tortoises for a long time.  We know what works and what doesn’t.  We have failed as much as we have succeeded, but with that failure comes experience, and with the success comes happier turtles and tortoises.  We know our stuff and we are happy to pass our knowledge along to you.  


Tortstork will make your dream of hatching a tortoise/turtle egg come true.

As soon as you inquire about an egg, your dream begins to incubate into reality. We are only an email away from any questions you have through the entire process. We will help you prepare for the egg to be delivered, properly setting up your incubator, what to do during the incubation period, what to do when the egg starts to hatch, when the new hatchling should be removed from the incubator and how to properly set up an enclosure.  We will even continue the support and customer service through the life of your new animal.  Hatching your own tortoise/turtle can be very rewarding and with Tortstork’s help, you will feel like a professional breeder.

People call me Randy, because that is my name.

Besides turtles and tortoises, I enjoy the beach, fishing and most importantly spending time with my family.

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