Leopard Hatch A Tortoise Instahatch Egg


Eggs will be ready to ship the week of June 7th 2021. This can change earlier or later based on progression of the incubation.

Please join the wait list and you will be notified ASAP when these are available.  I mark them available when they have passed all the milestones of incubation and they have a healthy heart beat.  Please email [email protected] if you have any questions.

A Hatch A Tortoise Instahatch egg is 100% fertile and days away from hatching.  The egg is candled, heart monitored and documented through out incubation to confirm that it is developing properly.  The egg is shipped 10 days before its predicted hatch date.  Like a human’s due date, an Instahatch predicted hatch date is just an estimate.  Based on our experience and knowledge we make the judgment call on when the egg is ready to ship.Hatching your own tortoise is super easy as long as you follow the detailed care guide. Download the guide Hatch A Tortoise Instahatch Egg Care Guide

To learn more about how to raise young leopards please review the leopard tortoise care guide.

Remember, for every tortoise egg bought from Tortstork, $10 is donated to a turtle/tortoise conservation group to help save these amazing animals.

Shipping is overnight. We use FedEx and is $60 flat rate fee.  Shipping will be added to your order at checkout.

Please feel free to review Tortstork’s Credo

*Please note that you need to supply your own incubator. We suggest the Hovobator 1602N You do not need an egg turner or anything else that amazon will try to sell you.  We supply you with a deli-cup and substrate for incubating the egg for the final few days of development

**Hatch A Tortoise Instahatch eggs are 100% guaranteed to hatch (as long as you use the recommended incubator or an approved one, confirmed by us).  If your egg does not hatch you will get your money back (minus shipping).

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