Remember instahatch #55, 56, & 57?

Instahatch eggs #55, #56 and #57 are Leopard instahatch eggs that were shipped to me from friend back on 4/17/19 and delivered on 4/18/19.  They were shipped on DD (developmental day) 95.  The first one hatched on 5/11/19.  It took 23 days from the day of delivery to hatch.  The total DD was 119.  The second egg hatched on 5/14/19, 26 days from delivery with a total DD of 122.  The third egg hatched on 5/16/19, 28 days from delivery with a total DD of 124.  This proves that tortoise eggs are a little more resilient than we originally thought.  They can take a little movement and still survive.  In this particular situation with Leopard eggs, we pushed the envelope and shipped on an earlier DD and it worked.  This doesn’t mean that I am going to do this going forward.  What it does help me with is shipping eggs of species like Redfoots, Cherry heads, and Leopards, who are hard to predict the total of developmental days.  If I get the predicted hatch date wrong, and I ship the egg a little too early, there is proof that it might not be too harmful.  Three eggs is a small group to make any concrete scientific evidence set in stone, but it does give us hope and a little glimpse into proving wrong the original assumption that tortoise embryos, inside the egg, are extremely fragile and can not be moved during incubation.