Instahatch egg #64 reminded me why I started Tortstork.

Instahatch egg #64 was an Eastern Hermann’s (Testudo hermanni boettgeri). It was laid on 3/3/19, shipped on 3/29/19, delivered on 4/30/19 and hatched 5/1/19.  This egg was shipped to Iowa to a young girl named Lola.  About a year ago Lola’s mom contacted me via facebook to tell me that her daughter was really into reptiles, specifically tortoises.  At the moment I did not have any eastern Hermann’s eggs available, so on the waiting list they went.  Throughout the following months we kept in contact.  She would send me drawings that her daughter would make for Tortstork and she would tell me how Lola was educating her friends and teacher at school about tortoises.  When the time came to get her egg delivered, Lola’s awesome mom let her stay home from school to accept the delivery.  It was super cute to get updated pictures of her waiting for the FedEX truck.  They did an unboxing, which was cool.  The greatest experience for me was when they contacted me to let me know the egg started to pip.  This family had so much excitement and enthusiasm for this little tortoise entering the world.  They basically had a party so their friends and family could swing by their house to watch this little tortoise enter the world.  To me, this is what its all about.  When I was young, no one would sell me a tortoise egg, they all said it could not be done.  My dreams as a child were crushed due to the “impossible”, but years later, I figured out a way to make sure no child experiences the emptiness of a dream like I did.  So #64 brought me so much joy, it allowed me to live vicariously through a young child who experienced her long awaited dream of hatching her own tortoise, come true!