Pink Belly Side Neck Turtle Hatchling

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Pink Belly Sideneck Turtle (Emydura subglobosa) is known as the turtle with a perma-smile. As the name suggests, this species has a red-pink belly.  Naturally they are found on islands and rivers in coastal Australia and Papua New Guinea. Pink belly side neck turtles have olive-colored heads with a yellow-cream stripe running from the tip of the nose through the eye and into the iris and behind their eye half way onto their neck. A black spot is always present in front of and behind the pupil, giving an appearance of a black line through their eye ball. They have a prominent upper jaw and two yellow whiskers on the chin; the same yellow coloration runs along the light-colored jaw line. The upper neck region is dark gray and the lower, light gray with red streaks running along it. This same coloration appears on the bottom jaw and belly of the turtle, although the color can vary among bright orange, yellow, or pink. The limbs, tail, plastron, and abdominal regions are all marked with pink/red/orangish color. The carapace is a dark tan color with a pinkish orange ring around the circumference. Females are larger in carapace length, but have shorter tails. Male carapaces range 5 inches to 7.5 inches, female carapaces range 6 inches to 9.5 inches. They are considered favorites in the turtle world because of their gorgeous plastron shell and their even temperament. The pink belly sideneck turtle is known for its ability to adapt with other turtle species. However, they should not be kept with snapping turtles and large musk turtles.  The pink belly sideneck turtle is a must have if you love turtles.

Turtles under 4″ are for education purposes only.  Please know your state laws before purchasing, we will confirm prior to shipping.

Remember, for every tortoise bought from Tortstork, $10 is donated to a turtle/tortoise conservation group to help save these amazing animals.

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