Florida Box Turtle Well Started


    These are 100% captive bred. They are 6 months old and past any fragile stage.  They have some gorgeous growth patterns coming it. Eating worms, crickets, strawberries, bananas, and Mazuri aquatic turtle pellets.

    The Florida box turtle (Terrapene carolina bauri ) has a narrow and highly domed shell with a hinged plastron that allows it to close its shell tightly. However, the Florida box turtle is different in appearance from the other subspecies of Terrapene carolina. Its carapace has a distinct pattern of bright radiating yellow stripes that make it easily identifiable. The coloring of the plastron can vary anywhere from solid yellow to solid black, with any number of variations in between. This turtle has very sharp claws as well as a sharp beak used for catching small insects and eating fruits, vegetables, and fungi.  Males have red eyes, females have yellow eyes.

    The Florida box turtle be found in damp environments such as wetlands, marshlands, and near swamps but usually does not enter water deep enough to swim. juveniles prefer areas that contain dense cover, high amounts of leaf litter and moist soil. Adults are more flexible in their habitat requirements and have been observed in more open areas.

    These babies are being kept in a terrestrial enclosure.  2 inches of water with half filled with terrarium moss.  They are eating mazuri aquatic pellets and occasionally a superworm (not meal worms, they are hard to digest for babies). The adult Florida box turtle is a generalist omnivore and has a diet very similar to other box turtle subspecies. They eat fruits, vegetables, fungi, worms, insects, and mazuri (both tortoise and turtle aquatic mazuri).

    Turtles under 4″ are for education purposes only.  Please know your state laws before purchasing, we will confirm prior to shipping.

    Remember, for every tortoise bought from Tortstork, $10 is donated to a turtle/tortoise conservation group to help save these amazing animals.

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