Russian Tortoises Are Back, With A discount For You!

This has been the year of the Russian tortoise.  Tortstork would be sold out of the hatchlings, before they were even hatched!  Between Hatch A Tortoise eggs and the demand for baby hatchlings, we couldn’t keep up.  We now have some absolutely stunning Russian hatchlings available.  If you have been waiting for that perfect moment to add another Russian to your collection, or even your first Russian tortoise, now is they time to do so! Why are Russian tortoises the perfect tortoise?

  1. They are really pretty, with incredible patterns on their scutes.
  2. They are hardy and can withstand temperature drops better than other species.
  3. They stay relatively small, 5-8 inches, with females being on the higher end of that spectrum. Males stay in the 5-6 inch range.
  4. They learn who you are quickly.  After a few days, they will recognize that you are the person who cares for them and get excited when you approach.

If you have been waiting for the moment to add a Russian tortoise to your household and you are a repeat customer, please use the coupon code “REPEAT” it will be a $55 discount, which is FREE shipping. This coupon will expire Saturday, September 19th, 2020 at 11:59pm.

2 thoughts on “Russian Tortoises Are Back, With A discount For You!

  1. Gloria says:

    I am getting a Russian hatchling from you through my daughter in law Emily. I am beside myself with excitement. Waiting for all my supplies to arrive. But I think in a week a couple days he will be with me.

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