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“Helix is Home Too tells the story of Helix, who must transition to completing his school days at home temporarily. He and his classmates learn that their school is shutting down to help stop the spread of the coronavirus. Helix and his parents help him stay on his school schedule. Though he was nervous at first, Helix learns to enjoy learning at home.” -Bookbaby

“This manuscript is well-written, and can help children who may feel anxiety about their school closing and having to learn their school work at home.” -Bookbaby

“Helix is Home Too is a sweet children’s story that deals with a possibly scary topic in an effort to help children feel anxiety over the transition to home-learning due to school closure. Young children will enjoy learning more about Helix’s day, and feel reassured that their days at home will be fun and safe as well.” – Bookbaby

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