Helix 7/31/2019-1/16/2020

I am heartbroken to announce that Helix passed away on January 16th, 2020 from respiratory issues. That morning he went through his normal routine, a soak for five minutes, his favorite orange wheels were put on, and he was offered some food. For the first time, he didn’t get excited. Instead he rolled into his hide box and closed his eyes. A few hours later he had passed away. For the 5 months and 16 days Helix rolled on this earth, he inspired people across the world. When I think about how influential Helix has been in my life, it amazes me that it was all done through actions. The famous quote “actions speak louder than words,” makes so much more sense after caring for Helix. He has taught us tenacity, reliability, persistence, determination, kindness, creativity, willingness to try new things, to never give up, to slow down, to always move forward, and to never look back.  My favorite thing he taught me though, is divine intervention. I consider Helix a miracle. He came into our family’s life and changed us all for the better. Helix taught my children very valuable lessons for life, and we will reference them for many years to come. Helix gave me the opportunity to teach my children, and children around the world, those valuable lessons through the Helix series children’s books. Helix needed mobility, and he got mobility. So he will give back to the community through Helix Wheels Foundation (http://www.Helixwheelsfoundation.org), whose mission is a child in need of mobility, is a child who deserves mobility.
I cared for Helix every single day, and I looked forward to it. To say I have an empty void in my heart is an understatement. I’ve been staring at his empty enclosure hoping that maybe his death was all a dream, and he is going to roll out of his hide box and start eating some carrots. The determination Helix portrayed from the second he hatched, will happily haunt me every time I consider giving up. Helix will remind me that giving up is not an option, and it doesn’t matter how fast or slow you move, as long as you move forward.

3 thoughts on “Helix 7/31/2019-1/16/2020

  1. Robin Kaye says:

    I’m so terribly sorry for your loss. I only discovered Helix and his amazing story about a week before he passed away and I was so inspired and impressed by his magic. Thank you for sharing him with the world. Now he can rest and he’ll always be in your family’s heart.

  2. Williams says:

    Old mother of two Grown children, and I happened to court you show that just last night. I got to see Helix on this show. Now I never thought about getting with TARDIS. O matic back to that. Mad any pet but my son. Is always been a very introverted person is 28 years old and he still at home and there are things are going on, but he’s always He’s always wanted a pet. I wanted to let you know Helix has made a difference in someone’s life. 3:00 in the morning. Thank you. Helix. Rest in peace

  3. pigeongirl says:

    When I first saw Helix he looked so tiny and fragile, with his poor little leggies sticking up in the air. But Helix was a mini force of nature, and once his wheels were attached there was no stopping him. Watching him zooming around laying into his food was a delight. He was such an inspiration to never give up and never let anything hold you back. Little Helix, now you’ve swapped your wheels for wings and you are totally free. I’m so terribly sorry your family has lost you, and I know there are so many people who will miss you, but you will always be a shining star and an inspiration to us all. Blessed Be and fly high, sweet little Helix.

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