Meet Helix; The twisted deformed tortoise

Helix hatched on July 31st, 2019.  it was pretty deformed to the point where i thought i was going to have to euthanize it.  Though as the days passed, Helix was making “strides.”  He was scooting all over the incubator. I moved Helix to a growing container, like i do with all other hatchlings, and it seemed to have no issues.  It was eating and drinking perfectly fine.  the silver lining in his deformity is that his front half is not deformed at all.  His front legs are normal and he has a normal head.  So i decided to give him a set of wheels to get around easier. He seems to be very happy with them at the moment, he is walking around a lot more than he was prior.Hopefully Helix can grow up to be a very healthy tortoise and have no issues.  I have to treat him like a hermit crab; when he out grows his wheels, ill have to get a larger set. Enjoy these two links on Helix.  the first one is of me placing the wheels on him and the second link is Helix crushing life on his new wheels!!!