Instahatch eggs #71 & #72; Nature controls it!

#71 and #72 were both Cherryhead tortoise eggs, from same clutch, same ship date, same delivery date.  They both traveled around 600 miles.  #71 was shipped to Soddy Daisy, Tennessee. #72 was shipped to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. #71 piped 7 days after being delivered (total days incubated 101).  #72 piped 16 days after being delivered (total days incubated 110).  One could hypothesize that shipping the eggs caused a little shock in the #72 egg and it took longer to hatch, but I held back one egg from that same clutch.  The one I held back started to pip a day before #72 (total days incubated 109).  It is a reminder that even hundreds of miles away doesn’t stop Mother Nature.  If I kept all three here, I’m pretty confident that it would not have altered their hatch dates, an assumption, we may never know the answer to.  Though having 2 eggs hatch within 24 hours of each other and 600 miles away, still blows my mind.  Tortstork is proving weekly that tortoise eggs are a lot more resilient than we originally theorized.