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Instahatch #58 was a stressful one…

Instahatch #58 was shipped 1,258 miles to Gilbert, Arizona.  This Sulcata Instahatch egg was shipped on 4/22/19, delivered on 4/23/19 and place in a 7 egg tiny incubator. The day after it arrived the outer shell starting to crack, but looked liked drying mud more so than a pip.  So the owner cranked the humidity. […]

#45 Insta-Hatch egg has hatched

The 45th Insta-hatch egg was shipped on Friday 4/5/19 and delivered on a saturday 4/6/19.  It arrived already starting to hatch. Welcome to the world Cherry head Tortoise. If you want to follow this Cherryhead as it enters the world, go follow @northeastreptiles on instagram.