Making an Egyptian hatchling enclosure; Less is routine.

I get asked a lot about how i raise my baby Egyptian hatchlings.  I always respond with “less is routine.”  Egyptian hatchlings get easily stressed out, because they don’t like change.  Babies wake up, warm up, eat, sleep and start that routine all over through out the day.  My enclosures are simple because that has worked for me in my tenure of raising Egyptians. I used crushed oyster shells that i buy off of amazon, a take out food container for a hide box, CHE for heat, UVB tube light, deli-cup lid for water, and i sprinkle the food through out the enclosure.  I like to place food throughout, because it mimics their natural grazing behavior.  I only expose them to 2 hours of UVB a day.  These babies in the wild spend the first few months, sometimes years hiding. They are not genetically equipped to breakdown 8 hours of UVB, especially synthetic UVB.  Too much UVB is worse than not enough.  They get soaked daily for 5 mins, but i also catch them drinking water often.  The temperatures are around 88-90F under the heat source, and around 80F on the cool side.  I spray their enclosure down every morning to mimic the Mediterranean mist.  Some breeders use salt water to do this, i do not.  I also limit the handling besides moving them during soaking.  The less stress, the better. Please enjoy a short clip on how ot make your Egyptian enclosure.

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