Helix Gets His Wheels children’s book.

Helix has a children’s book! How exciting is that?  The pre-sale for this book will be in the beginning of November.  I am waiting on an Amazon link before I launch the exact date.  If you’re interested in getting a signed copy, please email me [email protected].

Here are two reviews that have already come in..

Reviewed By Joshua Soule for Readers’ Favorite

“They helped me play all the games I thought I would never be able to play.” Helix Gets His Wheels is an inspiring children’s story, written by Randal Betz Jr. Helix the tortoise is a new student in school and he has something unique about him; he was born unable to use his back legs. Despite this difficult situation, Helix is quite the positive little guy, and though he struggles with some of the games the kids play, he tries his best. The other kids are not willing to give up and they find a creative solution that helps Helix play the games with his friends.

Author Randal Betz Jr. has done a wonderful job of creating a story that is both fun and meaningful. I found the characters to be well-crafted for young children, and the plot to be incredibly meaningful and realistic. Helix Gets his Wheels offers so much to learn; acceptance, positivity, and never giving up. Betz has certainly accomplished his goals with this story and even went above and beyond by including facts about the characters and their species at the end of the book! A truly educational and inspirational children’s story. I admired Helix throughout the entire story and found him relatable and inspirational. The illustrations were colorful and attention-grabbing, complementing the story perfectly. Overall, I found Helix Gets his Wheels to be an excellent children’s story, and I look forward to more from this author in the future.

Reviewed By Emily-Jane Hills Orford for Readers’ Favorite

There’s a new student at Tortinton School. His name is Helix and he’s a marginated tortoise with a black shell with yellow spots. Helix is a special tortoise. “I was born without being able to use my back legs,” he explains to the class. “But I love to have fun and play with friends.” Each new classmate welcomes Helix and invites him to play with them: tag, kickball, hopscotch, hide and seek and so many other fun games that would be difficult for Helix. But Herman comes up with an idea that will help Helix join in the fun. It works and everyone has a great time.

Randal Betz Jr.’s picture book story, Helix Gets His Wheels, is an educational story for young readers to teach them to accept others with different physical challenges. Based on the true story of a marginated tortoise born in Arizona in 2019 with a congenital spinal disorder (his true story is added at the end of the book), this cute tale studies the things children love to do, but also how some children might find it physically challenging to do all these fun activities. The plot develops through student interaction: one student presents a fun game to invite Helix to join and then Helix carefully explains how he’d love to participate, but his hind legs present a challenge.

The climax is the resolution of one very thoughtful and intuitive young tortoise and how all the children rejoice and play with Helix on the school playground. A very uplifting and caring story. The endnotes are interesting as the author documents the case of the real Helix and provides some interesting details on different kinds of tortoises. A great way for young readers to learn about physical challenges, but also to learn about tortoises, and, of course, the amazing true story of Helix. Lovely illustrations accompany the story.



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  1. Kevin Minto says:

    This book arrived yesterday and I could not wait to read it to my daughter. This by far is my favorite childrens book to read my daughter now. It encompasses so much of what I want her to learn. Compassion and Fortitude are key roles in this story. The illustrations are incredibly well done. The artist did a great job of rendering the different species. My daughter loved turtles prior but now it’s all she wants to talk about. Thank you for a very fun and educational read.

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