Tortoise with Gastroschisis. Beware, this video is gross.

This cherry head tortoise decided to pip way too early. As it was hatching I noticed something was strange about its yolk sac. The tortoise had Gastroschisis; where the intestines are outside the body. For what ever reason, this little cherry head didn’t fully develop properly. It is currently alive, moving its head and is very alert. Im hoping with some fresh oxygen and lots of tender loving care, this hole will properly close and its intestines will be inside.  This is not a common thing, but at the same time, its not really rare.  This tortoise in the wild would never make it out if its egg, but in captivity, it has a fighting chance. If you want updates, please feel free to reach out to me at [email protected] or follow my instagram @tort.stork, ill post some updates there. *FULL DISCLOSURE this video is gross.

Tortoise with Gastroschisis