#46 Insta-Hatch egg has Shipped

The 46th Instahatch egg has shipped to its forever home to a very very small town called Show Low, Arizona!!!! It is an Ibera Greek tortoise egg.  When i shipped the egg, the airspace was at the top and it was huge!  It Shipped Monday 4/8/19, delivered on 4/9/19.  When the egg was candled yesterday, the airspace was on the bottom of the egg. This means the baby has rearranged its self inside the gg and is preparing to hatch.  The amniotic fluid and yolk sac have most likely been absorbed.  The baby is not “floating in amniotic fluid anymore, so it can sense gravity.  So it is righting itself within the egg.  I had the owner increase the humidity to 95-100 %, hopefully the egg hatches before the weekend.  When it does hatch, it most likely will not have much of a yolk sac to absorb, as it is absorbing it inside the egg.