Home’s hinge-back captive bred sub adult tortoise


Kimixys Homeana, also known as Home’s hinge-back tortoise, is a species that naturally occurs in West Africa, from Liberia, east to Cameroon, and in the Democratic Republic of Congo.  It has adapted to live in secondary swamp forests, riverine swamp forests, and shady places like lowland evergreen forests.  Home’s hinge-back tortoise belongs to a unique group of tortoises that can close themselves entirely within their shells. As the name suggests, this group possess a hinge at the back of the carapace which drops off sharply towards the ground in an almost 90° angle. The shape of the carapace also cleverly channels rainwater towards its head for drinking. Home’s hinge-back tortoise varies in color from dark brown to tan.  Captive bred tortoises have lightly yellow (instead of tan), “pointed” patterns that grow throughout their carapace. They are considered the box turtles of the tortoise world.  They love lying in their water source for long period of times and require protein.  Besides offering greens once a day, we also feed ours worms, raw shrimp, aquatic mazuri pellets, mazuri and even sometimes pinkies (hairless newborn mice).  Female Home’s hinge-back tortoises can grow up to 7″-9″ and males can reach 5″-7″. The fact that they are basically a box turtle stuck in a tortoise’s body, who require inside ambient temperatures similar to humans (72-80℉) with 70-75% humidity and don’t really require a heat source, makes them very attractive to someone who does not want to deal with all the light and heat sources required for a tortoise.

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