Blackfoot melanistic Redfoot tortoise

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Melanistic animals are few and far between.  These Blackfoots were produced by normal colored Redfoot tortoises.  Melanism is a mutation of different genes, which results in an excess of dark pigmentation.  Melanism is hereditary, so these will most likely produce darker and darker offspring. They are being raised together, in a closed chamber enclosure.  They are soaked daily for 15 minutes.  their diet consists of collard greens, spring mix (minus spinach), romaine, dandelion, arugula, radicchio, hibiscus flowers and leaves, baby plantain leaves, Mazuri three times a week (crocodile/tortoise formula), aquatic Mazuri pellets once a week, and earth worms twice a month.  They are very personable, will eat out of your hands and always come running towards the side of the enclosure when you walk towards them.  This would be a great tortoise to raise and add to your breeding project, which would produce some cool looking Redfoots down the road.  If you don’t have any intentions of breeding, this then becomes a bragging tortoise for your collection. Please reach out to with any questions.

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