Fertile egg has been shipped and delivered!

egg was laid on 7/6/17.  Proven fertile via candling. Shipped on 9/19/17.  Delivered on 9/20/17.  

2 day old eating in incubator

This little russian baby was laid on 6/4/17 and hatched on on 8/20/17.  It is still in the incubator and eating its first meal On 8/22/17. 

Candling a Greek tortoise egg

If you look closely, you will see the tortoise embryo moving inside the egg.

Moving tortoise embryo

You can see the the embryo moving inside the egg.

Candling tortoise embryo wiggling

tortoise moving inside egg

Face-less Greek being hand fed

This tortoise was born without eyes or a nose.  I hand fed this tortoise for 14 days.  On the 14th day it was found dead in its enclosure. It lived a lot longer then it would have in nature. w named it Mr. Magoo

Unboxing a TortStork egg

This is a video that a customer sent me.  He went live on his Facebook page while he was opening his egg that was shipped to him the day after it was laid. He recently candled the egg on day 25 and it was fertile!

Greek Tortoises Breeding

A pair of greek tortoises making sure their future lives on.

Russian Tortoise hatching

This is a time lapse of a Russian tortoise hatching.

Russian Tortoises hatching

Time lapse

Marginated Tortoise breeding

Marginated Tortoise hatching

A baby marginated tortoise hatching over a time lapse.

Russian Tortoises breeding

A pair of russian tortoises making sure this future lives on.

Russian Tortoise laying eggs

This is a time lapse of a Russian tortoise laying eggs.

Ground hog attacking tortoise

This is a surveillance video of a ground hog attacking a greek tortoise.  This female tortoise survived.